Graphite is a medium gray color. As a color name, it is used interchangeably with “charcoal”. It refers to the “lead” in wooden pencils, which are actually made from a graphite-based pigment and a clay binder.

The swatches shown here are drawn from the following sources:

  • Top Row: the Color Harmony Manual for the Ostwald System; RAL Classic; Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors; Australian Standards;
  • Bottom Row: Kona Fabrics, Moda Bella Fabrics, the British Color Council; the Textile Color Card Association; the Dictionary of Color by Maerz & Paul, and a second color (note the different name) from Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors.

Note that all of these are neutral or slightly cool, with the exception of the BCC sample, which is lighter than the others and ever-so-slightly warm.

The numbers in the swatch captions are approximate hex codes.

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